Handcrafted Jewelry Designer

in Alberta.

Hi, I'm Melissa, the creative mind and designer behind Terragraphia. After completing my master's degree in fine art, I needed an outlet for my constant buzzing creative drive and dove into the world of jewelry design.

 I had previously taken a short silversmithing course to learn how to make jewelry and after completing my master's I took some more courses to further enhance my jewelry making and started Terragraphia.

What is Terragraphia?  Terragraphia is basically an extension of my art research into the field of design. I'm constantly researching and exploring themes around landscape and the body. However, not all research needs to end in dry academic reads and great gallery shows, and so I find myself falling into design to continue to the process. I'm quite enchanted by nature, botanical and organic forms, and base all of my designs in these ideas.

Terragraphia means earth and writing. I like to think of it as a visual journal for all my hikes and walks.

When I'm not designing or making art, you can find me usually out for a walk in nature, making sourdough bread or building trains with my curious toddler.