Sweet September

September is here and with it the end summer vacation and celebrations. Today was a cold day, such a stark contrast to the previous day that I felt unprepared and slightly under dressed for the weather here in the foothills.

While things are gearing up people are starting a new school year with fresh pens and notebooks. I find this a good time to begin recalibrating. Throw away the things that aren’t working for me and take a hard look at what needs to be refreshed in my life. This summer I felt like I overloaded my plate, went on too many play dates, tended a garden and tried to make an enjoyable summer while also being pregnant. It seems that no matter how many boundaries one puts in place that summer still manages to be hectic, you overspend, hang out in the sun too much and do more activities than you perhaps should.

Ah, sweet September, a good month to begin putting things into place or back into place, new routines and new clothes. Looking at what needs to be scrubbed from my plate, what needs to be added and what needs to be maintained.

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